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Arch Electric is looking for a highly organized and analytical individual with an ownership mindset for the role of Marketing Content Coordinator. Candidates will be experienced with social media analytics, understand the nuances, advantages, and shortcomings of each platform, and know how to utilize data in formulating a campaign strategy.

The Marketing Content Coordinator will join a rapidly growing company in the Wisconsin solar industry and take a lead role in the organization of marketing content in all avenues and the management of all social media marketing.

This individual will work across multiple business units in both field and office roles to create, organize, and utilize marketing content.  This role requires exceptional organizational skills as well as excellent interpersonal and communicative ability. As the Coordinator gains in experience and familiarity with the Arch team they are expected to grow into a more leading role in ownership and creativity of Arch Marketing efforts.

Marketing Content Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Orchestrating digital content strategies across all social media platforms.
  • Creating graphic design in software including, but not limited to, Canva, Adobe, etc.
  • Manage and Execute email campaigns and bi-monthly newsletters through Mailchimp or similar software.
  • Manage signage for office locations and job sites
  • Driving traffic and engagement that translates to sales and brand promotion.
  • Measuring the results of marketing activity to inform future marketing campaigns.
  • Collaborate with field staff, marketing directors, videographers, photographers, and other team members to collect and organize marketing materials.
  • Familiarity with the different kinds of content best suited to each platform.
  • Develop, manage, & maintain relationships with partners and manage co-op funds etc.
  • Designing and implementing creative marketing strategies to disseminate content.
  • Develop and Manage Marketing SOP’s as needed as Arch grows.

Marketing Content Coordinator Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field.
  • Experience with online community building.
  • Data-driven and highly analytical.
  • Proficiency with Google Analytics.
  • Proficiency with social media analytics.
  • Time management skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications

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